Sarmede the village of fantasy

Fantasy, imagination and creativity.

Sarmede is the ite of an exhibition that for over thirty years has opened its windows on the world of illustration and narrative for children and of an international school of illustration.


Vittorio Veneto, Serravalle, Ceneda

One of the most important centers of the Serenissima, on the mainland.

You will discover one of the most important centers of the Serenissima in the mainland, characterized by ancient streets and squares and by buildings of a purely Venetian taste.


Bike tours in Cansiglio

A fantastic journey in the heart of the forest.

A tourist bike itinerary that winds through the heart of Cansiglio, the great green lung that extends over 1000 meters above sea level, between Vittorio Veneto and Alpago.


Caglieron Caves

A suggestive set of natural and artificial cavities.

A truly unique environment formed by a series of caverns that were formed over the centuries following the work of nature and man near a gorge carved by the waters of the homonymous stream.


Regional State Forest of Cansiglio

The ancient Forest of the Doges, of the Republic of Venice.

The ancient Doges Forest of the Republic of Venice, one of the most important environmental resources of the entire Veneto region located in the Cansiglio Plateau, a territory divided between the provinces of Belluno, Treviso and Pordenone.