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Villa Salvador Farm, situated in a strategic position among the hills above Vittorio Veneto, offers the possibility of spending a holiday in contact with nature, in an atmosphere of absolute tranquility and serenity.

Attention to the surrounding environment, high care for details, respect for natural resources are the main elements on which our activity is based.

The most important part of the farm is Villa Salvador, “located on a curve of an old mule track, which from the lower area climbs on the steep sides of the hills and ends up in front of the parish church of Fregona, on the main road of country. It probably dates back to the early 18th century, perhaps even a few years earlier. It is the typical country villa, where the lords spent their vacation days, especially the autumn, which is the time of the harvest. “*

The villa has had several owners over the years: at first, the noble Todesco lords of Serravalle, then the Opocher family, from Alto Adige, then, up to 1972, when it was bought by Mr. Bortolo Salvador. He “immediately saw that there were so many things to do: rehabilitating the large villa and its surroundings, fixing up to the lands of the vast farm, then moving on to rational cultivation …
From an initial production of 150 quintals of grapes, it passed to 1200 quintals, in 1990 and he decided also to restore the Oratory, which was dedicated to San Giovanni. “

* passages from the book “LE BUSE di Fregona” – Text by Rino Bechevolo – Lema Editrice


The farm covers more than 20 hectares. Inside the estate there are pastures, woods, vineyards, olive groves and a characteristic lake.
Two hectares of the property are dedicated to olive trees, for a total of almost 500 plants.

The vineyards occupy about 10 hectares. Grapes are cultivated with glera (prosecco), verdiso and boschera, a white grape variety, native to the area of ​​Vittorio Veneto. This grape produces a white berry grape, particularly suitable for drying. Because of its particular quality, after some researches coordinated by the Experimental Institute for Viticulture of Conegliano Veneto, since 1992 this ancient vine has been registered in the National Register of Vine Varieties and is part of the DOC of Conegliano Hills and Fregona Torchiato.

Together with Glera and Verdiso, it is passed on racks and vinified at Easter, producing the Fregona Torchiato Docg, which boasts a centuries-old history in the town of Fregona.