Skewer (spiedo ) is the typical food for parties and celebrations…

“Spiedo” is a specialty of this area culinary tradition, such as Treviso sopressa, the potato of the Quartier del Piave and the chestnuts of Combai.

In this area, some restaurants offer menus based on spiedo, but this tradition is deeply felt also at family level and therefore, in homes that have larin, the spiedo is an occasion for warm and peaceful conviviality. In other words, in Fregona the spiedo is the dish for parties and celebrations.

The “experts” of the town propose this traditional dish during festivals, in particular at the festivals of Fregona, Osigo and Sonego.

To enhance the spiedo of Alta Marca and to deepen its historical link with the territory, the Academy of the Spiedo d’Alta Marca was born, with Leonardo Ricci as president.